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Here are a few websites that feature video footage that speaks to environmental and health concerns at Aamjiwnaang First Nation.

Newspaper articles covering local environmental issues of importance to the people of Aamjiwnaang First Nation. These files are in .PDF format, you will require Acrobat Reader to view files. Click here to download Acrobat Reader

Aamjiwnaang Profiled in New Textbook 071410.pdf
Chemical Valley Pollutants Dangerous to Our Health Too 010810.pdf

Changes Sought 013009.pdf

Toxic details in magazine 2008.pdf
Localized Study is Complete 022008.pdf
Ecojustice Draws a Line 031008.pdf
Something in the Air at First Nations Community 042508.pdf
What it Takes to Fix a Toxic Town 062008.pdf


Urban reserves opposed 010707.pdf
Mystery of the Missing Boys 041107.pdf
First Aid for the Environment 042007.pdf
Band to monitor industry 051007.pdf
Toxic cocktail being tracked with buckets 051407.pdf
Aamjiwnaang Committee Receives Award 052507.pdf
Dying to live here 053007.pdf
Pollution Threatens Reserve 101507.pdf


Progress Made on Environmental Concerns 012506.pdf
Aamjiwnaang: First Nation Life in Chemical Valley 0406.pdf
Public Health Study Wanted 041906.pdf
Where have the boys gone 042206.pdf
Health Study Funding Unclear 042406.pdf
Birth ratio big worry for First Nation 042406.pdf
Concerns not taken seriously 042406.pdf
Spend money on environmental plan 042706.pdf
Are we so Arrogant 2006.pdf
Local family featured in study on chemicals 052706.pdf
Children being poisoned group says 060206.pdf
Thousands to be checked for chemicals 060106.pdf
Toxic cocktail found in children 060206.pdf
Toxic Kids 060206.pdf
Time to take a stand 060706.pdf
Worst in Ontario 062006.pdf
Epidemiologist Coming to Reserve 072006.pdf


Activists Happy with Changes 031005.pdf
When the Wind Blows 040805.pdf
Toxic Creek Worries Band 043005.pdf
Valley to be Subject of Film 051305.pdf
Health Scare Spurs Talk of Quitting Area 082005.pdf
Natives Need Better Protection 081805.pdf
Activist seeks input 081805.pdf
Drop in Male Births Raise Serious Fears 081905.pdf
Men are an Endangered Species 081905.pdf
Fewer Male Babies Born 090105.pdf
Aamjiwnaang Concerned About Chemical Exposure 090205.pdf
Natives Demand Answers 090905.pdf
Boiler explodes at Suncor 112505.pdf
Private Parts 113005.pdf
Shortage of Sons Scares Sarnia Tribe 121805.pdf
Tribe's Questions about Chemicals 121805.pdf
Canadian Natives Blame Toxins for Fewer Sons 121905.pdf


Local Industry Scrutinized by Government 022004.pdf
Suncor leaks crude oil 022704.pdf
Spills Anger First Nation 022704.pdf
Guarding the Environment 033104.pdf
Protest blocks street 041204.pdf
Protestors block Vidal Street 041204.pdf
On The Front Line 041304.pdf
No more says Chief 042304.pdf
Suncor Spill reported late 050104.pdf
Aamjiwnaang Protesting Suncor ethanol plant 052004.pdf
Activists Rise On First Nation 072004.pdf
Where the Boys Aren't 073104.pdf
A toxic creek runs through it 091804.pdf

First Nation Opposes Ethanol 061203.pdf


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