Forecast for online gambling in Europe in 2018

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The international rating agency Moody’s Investors Service believes that European companies operating in the online gambling market will show strong financial performance in 2018.

Over the past few years, online gambling operators in Europe have struggled to operate successfully in the gambling market. All the time companies have to overcome various obstacles that arise in their path. This is mainly the financial burden imposed by national governments on online gambling operators. High tax rates, as well as strict rules on the gambling market, slows down the speed of development of companies. The same effect can be seen in the real casino industry in Europe.

However, industry analysts are more than confident in the successful future of the gaming industry. It is expected that in the coming year, the profits of online gambling institutions will increase.

The international rating agency Moody’s Investors Service, a company well known in the field of international financial research, recently published the verification data. The report says that online gambling operators are quickly adapting to the conditions they find themselves in. As a result, company executives are developing effective strategic plans that reduce costs.

The main work of the management is aimed at increasing the number of players by expanding the range of games, using modern technologies (mobile devices), improving the quality of gambling content and much more.

Italy stands out negatively from all European countries. Unfortunately, next year the gaming industry will not remain in its best shape. All this is due to the complicated rules in the gambling market of the country, which were approved by the government at the legislative level.

Specialists say that Italy’s temporary “passivity” will play into the hands of the UK, Germany, Spain and other nearby countries.

Despite the fact that in Britain gambling companies spend a lot of money on taxes, experts are already talking about high growth seen in the gaming industry. The government has not made concessions, and, despite numerous protests, has not reduced tax rates. Small gaming companies are gradually leaving the gambling market, and large international corporations are happy to take their place.

Experts from the world of gambling industry do not foresee serious changes in the laws of European countries for 2018, so the situation at the gambling market will be stable and very predictable.

At the moment, the process of merging various companies into alliances remains the best option for reducing losses of companies.
In addition, a positive result can be achieved thanks to the agreement signed last month by gaming operators from 28 countries – members of the European Economic Area. Gambling operators are ready to join their efforts in the fight against illegal online operators, so players who have previously used illegal gambling content will have to use registered sites, which will increase their profits.

A promising year for online casinos in New Jersey

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According to a report published this week by international gaming analysts online gambling market can conclude that the gaming industry in New Jersey, no doubt, will bring the state a good profit in the near future. We are talking about an increase in annual financial indicators on average 20%. Only by the most conservative estimates New Jersey will be ahead of the states of Delaware and Nevada in the first half of the year.

Projected increase in profits is expected, despite the projected 6 percent decline in revenue from online poker. Online poker, unfortunately for its fans, is not able to show high performance, because of its low popularity among users of the state of New Jersey.

The work of independent research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming gives a reason to believe that the main reason for the increase in online gaming industry profits will be a deeper interaction between real and virtual casinos and the increase in “representation” on the Internet among real casinos.

Since the majority of online casinos represented in the New Jersey gaming market have a ground representation within the state, the mutual efforts of online operators and owners of real casinos will have a positive impact on the number of players participating in the state gambling life in both real and online.

Despite the fact that the creation of an independent online gambling system of the state, many representatives of real casinos have seen in online gambling as a direct threat to their business, there were some who took a different position and was right.

Online gambling, as it turned out, work well paired with real casinos. Both types of gambling entertainment perfectly complement each other, simplify the most important and difficult task – to retain players and facilitate their return to the gaming institutions. Of course, it is very difficult to recognize this fact after the real casino leaders zealously defended a different point of view.

It should be noted that New Jersey has long pulled ahead of other states of America, where legalized the work of online casinos. Thanks to an innovative approach to solving the problems of promoting online gambling, the state leadership and the main body regulating the online gambling industry, managed to demonstrate high financial performance.